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We cover all East Lancashire

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We clean Upholstery throughout the East Lancashire area including Blackburn, Darwen, Burnley, Rawtenstall, Rossendale, Accrington, Bury, Chorley & all Surrounding areas.

Our professional upholstery cleaners are certified and experienced in removing deep stains, bringing back the original look of your sofa, and removes unpleasant odour from your sofas and other lounge furniture.

Cleaning fabrics or any type of upholstery material is a delicate process. There are various methods of cleaning that are more suited to some types of fabrics than others. Our upholstery cleaners hold particular experience and knowledge to apply effective cleaning method to suit your particular type of upholstery.

As a family run business we are small enough to care and big enough to meet all your requirements, devoting personal attention to each and every customer.

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All upholstered surfaces are vacuumed with a wet & dry vacuum cleaner using a crevice tool and upholstery nozzle as appropriate. Working deep into creases, crevices and folds all loose dirt dust and fluff is removed.


All marks on the upholstery are tested with spot cleaner to see if spillages are spots or stains. Stains are pre-treated with a colloid stain removing agent to minimise the amount of moisture available for absorption by the filling. The solution is left
for several minutes to work on loosening the stains prior to being absorbed with clean white cloths. The remaining solution is vacuumed out to ensure complete stain removal. Room windows are opened to aid air movement, which speeds drying times.


A broad-based ionised cleaning solution is applied with a Tri-jet fogger. Fogging ensures that cleaning solutions are applied in correct concentrations to the fabric surface without wetting the padding or stuffing in the upholstery. The tub chair and the sofa bed are fogged separately. 2-5 minutes is allowed for the cleaning action to occur.


An upholstery mitten is immersed for 2 minutes in an opposite polarity hot solution milked as dry as possible and then the fabric is wiped with a vigorous action to remove the dirt from the fibres. Magnetic attraction attracts the dirt onto the pad leaving the upholstery clean. Mitts are rinsed and the cleaning action repeated as necessary. A separate bucket of plain water is used when cleaning dirty or nicotined fabrics.


All upholstery is then vacuumed with the wet & dry vacuum cleaner, with as many passes as necessary to remove the moisture absorbed by the cover material and filling during cleaning.


Appropriate fibres are presented with the upholstery specialist tools.


A dual sanitiser and deodoriser are fogged for approx. 5 seconds across the cleaned upholstery to kill any residual bacteria that might breed in the damp upholstery. It also imparts a pleasant slow-release smell.

Please note that this is the description of just one method available to us and we have many more methods available to use depending on the situation and it is only a guide

We Cover All East Lancashire

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